Cancer ImmunoGeneTherapy

Temferon™: Tumor Immunotherapy by Autologous Hematopoietic-Stem-Cell Gene Transfer

We develop a gene transfer strategy into hematopoietic cells to target specific anti-tumor proteins. A definite vector delivers the gene into the cells. We use a combination of transcriptional and mediated control gene expression to selectively direct the anti-tumor proteins to the tumor area. Based on our exclusive mechanism, the immune system cells are reactivated and armed with a potent drug.

Genenta has obtained regulatory approvals to initiate Phase I/II clinical trials in Multiple Myeloma patients with early relapse after front line therapy and newly diagnosed Glioblastoma Multiforme patients.

Luigi Naldini, Winner of the 2019 Jeantet-Collen Prize for Translational Medicine

About Us

Genenta Science is a company developing a new generation of gene therapies based on transcriptional and mirRNA-mediated control.


Our Science

Using gene vectors, microRNA targets sequences and transgenes for preventing or reducing expression of the transgenes.


Our Pipeline

Genenta Science is leveraging its Temferon™ technology platform to treat cancers using a novel immuno-gene therapy approach



March, 2015. Genenta Science banked an overall USD 11.0 million Series A round.