Advancing treatment
of solid tumors
with tumor-restricted transgene expression

Exploiting our expertise in cell and gene therapy, Genenta have developed a proprietary platform that triggers the production of therapeutics inside tumors, allowing a robust anti-cancer response with minimized systemic toxicity. The therapeutic payload is codified by a DNA sequence that is expressed, by a subset of tumor-infiltrating monocytes called Tie-2 expressing monocytes (TEMs). This platform is widely applicable across all solid cancers characterized by the presence of intratumoral TEMs. Our clinical leading product candidate, Temferon™, delivers alpha-interferon as therapeutic, specifically boosting the antigenicity of cancer epitopes within the tumor microenvironment.

Genenta Platform

Cell Therapy

Lentivirus Ex-Vivo
Cell Transfer Strategy

Adding Interferon
to TEMs


The Tumor

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